Bad weather expected from June 16-18

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

These women braved the rain on June 10 with their hoodies as their only protection as the crossed Independence Square in Port of Spain. – Photo by Angelo Marcelle

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service said bad weather is expected from June 16 to June 18 as a result of the passing of two tropical waves over TT in quick succession.

The organisation’s website said on June 16, cloudy periods with intermittent showers during the morning would gradually give way to sunny conditions during the afternoon. It said there is the 60-70 per cent (medium to high) chance of a thunderstorm in a few areas.

It noted that gusty winds, street and flash flooding may occur in heavy showers and thunderstorms.

Speaking on i95.5FM on Saturday, meteorologist Gary Benjamin said weather conditions would begin to deteriorate from Sunday and both islands were expected to experience associated rainfall.

“By tomorrow (Sunday) we are expecting the axis of a tropical wave and another one by Tuesday. Now these waves are progressing very nicely, rather rapidly, and so we expect the waves to sort of catch up with each other in the next couple days. So between Sunday and Tuesday we should see instability across the region from TT and most of the Lesser Antilles at least up to the Southern Leewards.

“We expect to see instability across the Eastern Caribbean, including TT. We expect to see an increase in cloudiness. The risk for heavier showers and thunderstorms would increase in the next couple days.”

The population is advised to keep abreast of updates from the Meteorological Service.