AztraZeneca manager is new Ansa MC Al board member

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Trinidad and Tobago-born Tonya Villafana is the global franchise head, vaccines and immune therapies at AstraZeneca, the British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company and developer of the Oxford/AstraZeneca covid19 vaccine.

A sectional vice president at AstraZeneca, one of the developers of the WHO-approved covid19 vaccines will take a seat at the Ansa McAl Board of Directors table.

She was voted in at the Annual General Meeting held virtually on Thursday.

Villafana is the Vice President of Global Franchise in section vaccines and immune therapies at AstraZeneca. Her job is to lead teams to explore new vaccines and drugs to combat infectious diseases in countries that need the most help.

“She collaborates closely with external stakeholders at a global level, including public health organizations, regulatory authorities and government representatives and health-care policy-makers on key development milestones from early development to launch of products,” said chief legal and external affairs officer Frances Bain Cumberbatch.

Villafana holds a PHD in immunology from Wiell Cornel University and has more than two decades’ experience leading drug and vaccine development teams against infectious diseases, including Sars Covid2.

“Dr Villafana’s professional career is an accumulation of a unique experience working with the World Health Organisation, World Bank as the international federation of pharmaceutical manufacturers and associations fellow and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to address global health and pharmaceutical policies.” Cumberbatch said.

Ansa MC Al also put forward its financial results for the year ending December 2021. Ansa Mc Al’s profit before tax increased 29 per cent ($212 million) to $935 million. Revenue increased to $5.97 billion, a one per cent increase as compared to 2020 which stood at $5.91 billion.

Group CEO Anthony N Sabga III said he was encouraged by the post-covid19 recovery happening in the group, especially in beverage, packaging, chemicals and distribution businesses. He said the lessons that were learned during the pandemic is now translating to better performance.

“The group remains very agile,” Sabga said. “We can be counted on to manage the current emerging risks. It’s our governance and the capability of our people that gives me the confidence that we could treat with this, notwithstanding the current environment with the uncertainty that comes with higher interest rates, inflation and value chain disruptions. This is not our first rodeo. We have seen this before and we have always emerged stronger.”