Ayatollah rejects Biden’s offer for nuke talks


Iran’s supreme leader today angrily turned down Vice President Joseph Biden’s offer for bilateral talks in what could be a reaction to last month’s explosions at the once-secret nuclear facility at Fordow. Biden last week announced at the Munich Security Conference that the United States would like to engage in such talks with Iran over its illicit nuclear program. But for four years, President Obama tried that, without success. Observers have said that the Islamic regime successfully engaged Obama in those secret negotiations to buy time for its nuclear development. Iran has continued its uranium enrichment process unabated despite a series of international sanctions, and…

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Bright spots in Latin America despite global economic uncertainty – Macon Telegraph (blog)

Bright spots in Latin America despite global economic uncertaintyMacon Telegraph (blog)He expects to triple sales to Brazil, although he says Brazil’s cumbersome tax and duty system make doing business with Latin America’s largest economy more expensive and challenging. “Any American company that wants to do business in Latin America …Chile […]