Arima mayor: Crime is everyone’s concern

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Arima mayor Balliram Maharaj – File photo

ARIMA mayor Balliram Maharaj is urging the public to take extra precautions as he expressed concern about the crime situation.

“Crime is out of hand and getting closer to everyone’s home.”

Maharaj’s remarks came after the murder of businessman Richard Ramkissoon, who was attacked in his home at Mausica Road, D’Abadie early on Friday morning.

In a phone conversation with Newsday, Maharaj reiterated the Prime Minister’s call for an all-hands-on-deck approach.

“Someone lost a son, brother and friend. I have done business with the family and I am keeping them in my prayers. We have to do things together, we must help the police fight crime.”

Maharaj supports Dr Rowley’s allocation of $100 million to fight crime.

“We have to show our strength and inject whatever it takes to take back our country from the hands of criminals.

“I advise everyone to be cautious and take whatever additional precautions are needed to protect you and your family. Let us pray and work with the government to help suppress and reduce crime.”

He said crime is the number one priority and he is ready to assist in whatever way possible, saying a holistic approach is needed.

“The police need help, they need your information. If you see something, say something. When you see your children doing things and buying expensive things (and) you know they are not working, those should be signs to parents.”

Maharaj warned families of the consequences if they do not speak to their relatives about their criminal ways.

“If the police raid your home and find any illegal stuff, everyone is responsible. No longer can we see things and say nothing.”

His advice to the residents of Arima was: “Be cautious of people coming to your door who you do not know. You can’t take things for granted.”

Reports say around 3am on Friday, a group of men armed with a gun and cutlass entered Ramkisson’s home through a window on the first floor, using a ladder. The family’s dog was killed before the attack and investigators are looking into the possibility that it was poisoned.

The men stole cash and jewellery before leaving. Ramkisson was badly beaten during the robbery, but his family was not assaulted.

After the men left, a family member took Ramkissoon to the Medical Associates private hospital in St Joseph, but he died of his injuries around 11 am.