Angostura to host 300 at MovieTowne premiere of ‘No Time To Die’

MovieTowne owner Derek Chin. FILE PHOTO –

ANGOSTURA is holding an event this weekend for approximately 300 people for the premiere of the latest James Bond move, No Time To Die.

Derek Chin, owner of MovieTowne, in confirming that the event will be held, said those who are worried about the number of guests should neither be shaken nor stirred, as the cineplex has a capacity that can hold more than eight times the number of guests invited to the Angostura event.

“We have a minimum capacity of 2,500,” Chin said.

“Our capacity is 1,250 at 50 per cent. So they would not even start to touch our capacity. Besides, it is a safe zone. So why put a capacity on a safe zone?”

Chin said that while there would be alcohol on display at the event, because of the restrictions for safe zones, no alcohol will be served. He added that as per protocol, all guests would have to walk with their proof of vaccination.

Lamenting on the protocols, Chin asked why there were more restrictions in safe zones than in areas that are not defined as such. He asked that authorities reconsider some of the restrictions in safe zones, saying the rules “don’t make sense.”

“You could go to a grocery store and do all the things you want to do – you just have to wear a mask and wash your hands or sanitise. In a safe zone you have more restrictions than in a place like the supermarket. In a safe zone, you can’t even drink a glass of wine. I don’t know if I am missing something here, but it makes no sense.”

Chin said the plans and strategies used by event planners to hold this event, could be used as a rubric for other events later on.

“Remember, a safe zone is supposed to be the safest possible area for people to congregate,” he said.

“There are still contradictions which make it easier for people to mingle at non-safe zones with fewer restrictions.”