Amcor Rigid Packaging and Hillview Renegades provide covid19 relief


AMCOR Rigid Packaging Caribbean Limited has partnered with Hillview Renegades to provide emergency food parcels and relief to families adversely affected by the coronavirus in TT.

The closure of businesses, loss of jobs and stagnation of the economy has put an unprecedented strain on families to keep their heads above water. This partnership with Hillview Renegades has resulted in invaluable aid being provided in east, central, south and north Trinidad.

Accoriding to a Hillview Renegades press release, site manager, at Amcor Rigid Packaging Caribbean Limited, Rennison Sooklal said the company is committed to enacting sustainable change in TTo and every country they have a presence.

“Helping those who are unable to leave their home and are in critical need of food, medical supplies and home services is the top priority for Amcor, Rigid Packaging Caribbean Limited. The crisis is now. We must rise to the occasion and we have pledged resources, both human and financial for the relief effort.

“It is our responsibility to assist our clients, our communities, and the countries we have a footprint in. We all have experienced misfortune during our lives in some form, but this year we see the world experiencing a whole new perspective of crisis. No one could have envisioned such a challenge. This pandemic has conferred a new way of life in which humanitarianism is required for our society to regenerate.”

The partnership with Amcor and Hillview Renegades arose because both entities shared a common goal of providing emergency relief to those in need.

“We are proud to partner with Hillview Renegades Sports Club to reach out to families who are in need in Trinidad at this time. Amcor has a deep-rooted culture of mutual responsibility with the goal of prioritising and helping those in need of assistance which is shared by the Hillview Renegades,” said Sooklal.

Upendra Udharamaney, Secretary – Hillview Renegades thanked Amcor for partnering and ensuring much needed relief was provided.

“For the vulnerable and unemployed, the need for food donations during the pandemic has been unquantifiable. Without Amcor, we would not have been able to tackle food poverty at this scale. Through our partnership we were able to reach various communities and provide families with food and other essential home items. This partnership has enabled us to help and stay connected with the community.”

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