African Cup of Nations Offers Amazing Experience


Moses_MabhidaNews Americas, LONDON, England: With the African Cup of Nations well underway, the footballing world has been treated to a fantastic feast of another footballing spectacle as the best African international sides come together in a bid to be crowned the continent’s best team.

The 2015 AFCON is currently being held at Equatorial Guinea, with a total of 16 African countries competing against each other for the coveted crown.

Hosts Equatorial Guinea qualified automatically along with Cape Verde, Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa, Zambia, Cameroon, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Congo and DR Congo.

For those wishing to visit the beautiful destination and get involved in this incredible international football competition, then there are plenty of places that you should see.


The town of Luba is a lovely location situated in the southern side of Bioko Island and it is the most populated town in the region of Bioko, apart from Malabo.

Visitors can arrive here and take a terrific trip along the coast road, which is a little more than 40km from Malabo, in daily buses and other means of travel.

If you have a taste for seafood then this is the destination for you, with their restaurants becoming famous throughout the land because of the splendid seafood that they cook.

In Luba you will also be able to find two extremely memorable white sand beaches, enabling you to kick back and relax under the simmering sun as you keep up to date with all the latest footballing action at AFCON. Odds on all of the competing countries are available on Black Diamond Casino which you can access from the comfort of your hotel room, or from your sun lounger on Luba’s sensational sandy beaches.


The second city of this year’s African Cup of Nations host nation is Bata, and this is the first one in the Rio Muni mainland. If you arrive to beautiful Bata from Malabo then a flight will only take about 45 minutes, with the airport just a few kilometres from the city.

Bata is a wide and quiet city, the opposite of Malabo, and is surrounded by sumptuous sand beaches. It’s memorizing Spanish colonial buildings and beaches makes it is a great place to visit.


This is a lovely little city situated on the natural crater shaped harbor Pico Basile’s base, near a volcanic zone with fantastic views and surroundings.

The city itself is rather picturesque and is full of graceful Spanish colonial buildings and has attractive views across the harbor.

Make sure if you are visiting to take a trip to the Spanish cathedral and walk along the road to the harbor to see the giant fruit bats which live in the towering trees. It’s magnificent market place should not be missed either!


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