Aer Lingus cancels all flights from Dublin Airport due to IT breakdown

The content originally appeared on: CNN

(CNN)Aer Lingus canceled all flights scheduled to depart from its Dublin Airport hub that were bound for European countries and the United Kingdom because of a computer malfunction. The carrier said the outage affected 51 flights.

“A UK network provider servicing the cloud-based system has experienced a major break in connectivity,”the Dublin-based carrier said in a statement.
The airline later restored its computer system and said it is taking steps to bring all its systems back online, adding that it “sincerely apologises” to its customers.
RyanAir, a low cost Irish carrier, said it is offering “rescue fares” of 100 euros for passengers stranded at the Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports. It tweeted pictures of the lines at Dublin, showing hundreds of people lined up atitskiosks.
Aer Lingus is asking customers who are booked on flights that were canceled not to come to Dublin Airport, and urged them to change their travel plans at no charge through its call center or on social media.
A journalist in Ireland posted a video of ‘thousands’ of people lined up outside a terminal in the Dublin airport.