Acting police commissioner takes 35 days’ vacation

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

ACTING Commissioner of Police (CoP) McDonald Jacob

ACTING Commissioner of Police (CoP) McDonald Jacob will be on vacation for 35 days, shortly after finalising the appointments of Ramnarine Samaroo and Curt Simon to the ranks of acting DCP.

The police announced Jacob’s temporary departure in a media release on Wednesday, shortly after a ceremony at the Police Administration Building, Port of Spain, where Jacob presented the new deputy commissioners with their instruments of appointment.

Acting DCP Erla Christopher will take over in his absence.

Jacob welcomed the officers to their new positions, saying the move came at an “opportune time.

“While I am on leave, I am confident that the commitment and dedication you have demonstrated over the past months will continue. You have shown me that you are fully invested and fully aware of your responsibilities.

“Through our collective years of experience, we understand that crime is not a static phenomenon, therefore as a necessity, we must keep evolving and strategising, always seeking to adopt and inculcate best practices into our operations, if we are to win the war against crime.”

He said having two more DCPs appointed to the executive team means the policeare in a “good position in terms of leadership and expertise.”

In the statement, Jacob said his absence should “not interfere with the many initiatives already in progress, while in pursuit of the organisation’s strategic priorities and goals set out in the Operational Plan 2022-2024.”

Samaroo and Simon’s acting-DCP appointments were approved on December 2.