ACP: Tobago bandits will be brought to justice in short order

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

File photo: ACP William Nurse

Acknowledging an increase in robberies in Tobago, ACP, Tobago Division, William Nurse has given his word that the perpetrators will be brought to justice in short order.

Nurse spoke to the media virtually during Wednesday’s post-Executive Council media briefing at the Victor E Bruce Financial Complex in Scarborough.

He described crime and criminal activities as “water in a balloon,” saying, “If you put pressure on one area, you will find that you displace the activity to another area.”

He said there have been approximately seven robberies in a short space of time and that is of “grave concern” to the Tobago public.

He had a word of assurance, however.

“You have nothing to fear but fear itself. I want to tell you as well that your police are very committed to bringing these incidents of robberies to solution.”

In an update, he said the police have made tremendous inroads in terms of investigation.

“You would have heard me saying time and time again that my policing strategy is based on three fundamental pillars – public education, police presence and robust investigation.”

He said he met with the senior superintendent and his entire staff involved in the robbery investigation last Friday and the issue was discussed.

“We thrashed out what we think is a policy decision designed to bring these incidents down and bringing them to solution. But more importantly, the following day I had a more intimate meeting with the persons involved in the investigations and we examined the evidence that was at our disposal.”

As a result, he reported that the perpetrators would be brought to justice in “short order.”

“The COPOS Credit Union robbery is solved, it’s almost there. The one at Cost Cutters is almost there and the one at the Orange Hill gas station is almost there.”

He added: “You cannot uncommit a crime. When you commit a crime, it stays committed and it is the robust investigation concept of our policing that would bring it home.”

He pointed out: “Every contact leaves trace and the last contact is the strongest. So there is copious evidence in the possession of the police. It’s just to look at it, refine it, toss it about and decisions would be made very, very soon in that regard.”

He said to all those who believe they can commit robberies and walk or run away, thinking they will not be caught: “You made a sad mistake.

“The technology is too advanced.

“There is a particular technology that we introduced last night (Tuesday) into the mix – and I wouldn’t tell you what that is – it is so potent that the person just had to come and spend one day and they’re already on their way back to Trinidad to do the analysis and to report back to us.

He hoped all these things would come through before May 18, when he is expected to take up another post in Port of Spain. He said his successor, Daniel Moore, also a Tobagonian, will be Tobago’s new ACP and has already been briefed.