Abdulah: End last traces of slavery

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) leader David Abdulah. –

MOVEMENT for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader David Abdulah said it is time to end the last vestiges (traces) of slavery in TT.

In his Emanicipation Day message, Abdulah said, “At the national level much can be done to end these last vestiges of slavery.”

One way it to undertake amajor reform of the education curriculum.

He said, “We can and must remove the markers that give prominence of those who enslaved and who were racist. We can remove their monuments and change street names and replace them with monuments that celebrate our history of freedom and with the names of those who have contributed to creating our Caribbean civilisation.”

Abdulah called for the transformation of “the relations of economic power and move towards an economy where all can own wealth and live a decent life.”

He said, “We can and must pursue social programmes that address the problems in some of our communities where past and present policies have pushed some of our young people to engage in violent crime.”

Abdulah called for the pursuit of policies that “celebrate our diversity every day and not promote Eurocentric values and aesthetics.”

He said, “All of these actions are part of emancipating ourselves from mental slavery and ending the legacy of colonialism.”

At the international level, Abdulah said the Government “must become a vocal advocate for reparations.”

He added the campaign for reparations for descendants of African slaves must become popularised.

“Those nations and those who enriched themselves from the enslavement of our ancestors and thus participated in this crime against humanity must not only apologise unequivocally but make good on reparations.”