A (kid’s) review of Five Islands



Hi. My name is Mia and I had an big adventure last Friday. It was better than going to the zoo and it was even better than the beach. I went to a water park.

Azalea, 12 and Jayley 14, ride the waves on Gundee Beach, at Five Islands Water and Amusement Park, Chaguaramas. – Angelo M. Marcelle

I got a chance to experience a lot of the slides and I got to see things I never saw before at the grand opening of the Five Islands Water Park.

One of the water slides at the Park. – Jeff Mayers

The first thing I noticed were all of the slides. They were tall and had lots of colours all over them. I thought to myself I would cry my eyes out if I go on some of them because they were so high. But then my mom, told me I was too little to go on some of the rides. That made me a little sad, but I had a lot of fun on the ones I did go on.

A lifeguard overlooks one of the many pool areas at Five Islands Water & Amusement Park at Chaguaramas. – Angelo M. Marcelle

My dad was impressed with the amount of social distancing signs and sanitation it had all around, but I was only interested in the slides.

Pirate’s Bay kids attraction at the Five Islands. – Jeff Mayers

On the first slide I rode in Pirate Falls, I was really scared. What if I got stuck in the middle and no one could get me out? But the staff there were really nice and when the lifeguard asked me to put my thumbs up to let them know I was ready to slide, it made me feel brave. I even got stuck in a couple slides but I pushed myself out and slid to the end.

Five Islands Water Park, Chaguaramas – Jeff Mayers

Then I went on the lazy river. It was so relaxing. My dad said it was more than 2000 feet. I could only count to about a 100 before I got tired.

Mia Joseph with her parents Ryan Hamilton-Davis and Aleah Jospeh at Five Islands Water and Amusement Park. –

When my mom and dad went on the Tsunami Wave I could hear them screaming all the way down. I saw them go all the way up to the top of a big scoop on one of the rides then into a pool of water. My mom and dad looked really scared.

A little boy plays with a toy at Buccoo Reef, Five Islands Water & Amusement Park Chaguaramas. – Angelo M. Marcelle

I had a lot of fun at the water park. It was an experience that I hope to get again. I hope my mom and dad take me there for my birthday.

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