559 get covid19, eight dead

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Image courtesy CDC

IN the week February 22-28, some eight people died of covid19 while 559 people were infected said a Ministry of Health statement on Tuesday.

The ministry said the eight deceased individuals consisted of six elderly men, one elderly woman, and one middle-aged woman. Of these, five had multiple co-morbidities, two each had one co-morbidity, and one had no co-morbidity.

The country now has 396 active cases, including 53 people hospitalised (comprising 48 in the parallel health-care system and one in the hybrid system.) The statement said a daily average known as the rolling seven-day average of new positive cases was 80 people, while the rolling seven-day average of new deaths was one person.

Of the 4,347 deaths to date, some 3,628 were of people not fully vaccinated, 390 occurred before vaccinations begun, and 329 were of vaccinated people.

Some 51.3 per cent of the population is fully vaccinated, comprising 718,606 people, while 681,394 people have had either no doses or one dose.

Some 174,486 boosters have been administered.

Some 898,169 covid19 tests have been done, including 550,468 at public facilities and 347,701 at public facilities.

The 53 covid19 patients are hospitalised at Couva (23, including one in ICU and three in HDU), Caura (16), Arima (four), Scarborough Fort (five) and in the hybrid system (five).