404 new covid19 cases, 20 deaths on Sunday – 3,622 cases, 109 deaths in a week

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Image courtesy CDC

THE country recorded 404 new covid19 cases and 20 more deaths on Sunday, according to the Ministry of Health’s daily covid19 update.

This means that for the past week (November 15-21) there have been 3,622 infections or 517 cases per day and 109 deaths or 15.5 deaths per day.

In the three weeks of November, there have been 1,975 cases and 76 deaths in week one; 2,963 cases and 86 deaths in week two; and 3,622 cases and 109 deaths in week three, for a grand total of 8,560 cases and 271 deaths.

The ministry’s Sunday update said there are 8,611 active cases, with 518 in hospital, 108 in step-down facilities, 92 in state quarantine facilities and 7,581 in home self-isolation.

From March 12, 2020 to Sunday, Trinidad and Tobago has had 65,889 cases, with 55,311 recovering and 1,967 deaths.

As of Sunday, the number of people tested for covid19 is 430,102 ­– 184,488 at private facilities and 245,614 at state facilities.

In terms of vaccinations, the Sunday update said 635,055 people are fully vaccinated – 40,747 with a single-dose regimen and 594,308 with a two-dose regimen. A total of 637,616 people have got the first dose of a two-dose vaccine regimen.

A total of 11,445 people have had the additional primary dose (third jab), the update said.

The percentage of unvaccinated people in the parallel healthcare system is 91.7 per cent – 5,346 out of 5,830 patients.

The last seven days saw TT record both its highest single-day infection (781 cases on November 17) and the highest singe-date death toll (28 on November 20) since covid19 statistics were first recorded.

The past week:

November 15:  403 cases, 12 deaths

November 16: 414 cases, 15 deaths

November 17: 781 cases, six deaths

November 18: 537 cases, 17 deaths

November 19: 491 cases, 11 deaths

November 20: 592 cases, 28 deaths

November 21: 404 cases, 20 deaths