3 guns, grenade seized in raids

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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Police arrested five suspects and recovered three guns, several rounds of ammunition, a quantity of marijuana and cocaine, and a grenade in exercises in various divisions within 48 hours.

A police statement said between 1 pm on March 14 and 9 am on March 15, Central Division police, including Freeport CID and Warrants Section, raided several known drug blocks. The officers searched a bushy area near the home of a known offender and found a black revolver with five rounds of .38 ammunition as well as 925 grammes of marijuana. No one was arrested.

The police also arrested four people from Connector Road, Carlsen Field, and Chase Village in Chaguanas for various offences like having cocaine and an apparatus used to smoke the cocaine and for outstanding warrants.

In the North Eastern Division (NED), police held anti-crime exercises in the Upper Santa Cruz area between 5 am and 10 am. The police searched along the riverbank near Providence Gardens, Cantaro Village, where they discovered a black grenade and a quantity of marijuana. The officers alerted the Explosive Detection and Disposal Unit, who visited the scene, rendered the device safe, and took the explosive device.

In the Southern Division, officers on mobile patrol responded to a report at Warden Street Gasparillo at around 10.30 pm on March 14. There, the officers saw a man standing in a yard. When the police approached him, he started to behave suspiciously by holding the left pocket of his trousers. The officers searched him and found a Kel-Tec gun and a magazine containing seven rounds of ammunition. The police arrested the man, 46, and took him to the Marabella police station.

Northern Division police also recovered a gun while on exercise between 1 pm and 4 pm on March 15. The officers received a tip-off and went to Upper Max Lane, Mt Pleasant, in Arima. They searched a bushy area behind a banana tree and found a gun.