22 guns seized in 10 days – 7 between Friday and Saturday

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

SEIZED: A firearm and a quantity of ammunition seized by police in an anti-crime exercise on the weekend. Police said that in the first ten days of April, 22 firearms were seized. PHOTO COURTESY TTPS –

TWENTY-TWO firearms have been seized in the first ten days of April.

Acting Commissioner Mc Donald Jacob stated, “While everyone gets excited when the big seizures net ten or 20 guns, these continuous daily exercises all add up and over time reap great rewards, as the seizure of each gun means greater safety in our communities.”

Seven firearms and a large quantity of ammunition of varying calibre were seized between Friday and Saturday, a police press release said.

On Friday, two firearms were seized in Toco while police were searching for a suspect involved in a case of wounding with intent.

The suspect was held along Beegs Trace Road holding a blue knapsack. Officers found a shotgun, a pistol, 16 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition and one 12-gauge cartridge.

In another anti-crime exercise on Friday, Santa Cruz police went to Sam Boucaud Extension and Saddle Road, Upper Santa Cruz. They searched under a bridge and found a home-made shotgun and four shotgun cartridges.

Also on Friday, Northern Division police went to Henry Street, Arouca and searched a bushy area on the eastern side of the road.

A black piece of fabric was found which contained a Jennings pistol outfitted with one magazine containing seven rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition. A quantity of cocaine was also seized.

In an unrelated exercise, two men were arrested after officers searched a house in Caroni and found an assault rifle loaded with a magazine containing 20 rounds of ammunition, one a Glock pistol loaded with ten rounds of ammunition. The officers also found quantities of narcotics and a bullet-proof vest.

In yet another incident, at around 11.20 pm on Friday, a search was done at an abandoned apartment in a Housing Development Corporation building located at Harmony Hall Settlement in the Southern Division.

Officers found a black plastic bag containing 16 rounds of .380 ammunition, 14 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition, eight rounds of 5.56 ammunition and four rounds of 7.62 ammunition, under a pile of rubble.

Also on Friday, Arima Municipal Police found a black plastic bag containing 19 rounds of 7.62 ammunition when they searched an abandoned lot located at Pomegranate Avenue, Arima.

Then on Saturday, officers searched a house in Constance Street, Chaguanas and found a Ruger 45 pistol, fitted with a magazine, one extended magazine, 95 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition, 32 rounds of .40 ammunition and six rounds of .45 ammunition. One man was arrested.