209 students, 618 teachers at school in Tobago on Monday

The Division of Education Innovation and Energy reported a turnout of 209 students at all secondary schools in Tobago on the first day of face-to-face classes for vaccinated forms four-six students. This is a little over 20 per cent of the students eligible to return to class. A total of 618 teachers showed up.

In a release sent to the media on Monday night, the division said Pentecostal Light and Life Foundation was the only school that was unable to have physical classes owing to the significantly low number of vaccinated students. One-third of the island’s student population has been vaccinated. Of 6,000 students in Tobago 1,920 received the Pfizer covid19 vaccine and 1,149 are now fully vaccinated.

Nieval Sookdeo, left, Delise Romeo, right, and Cristi-Anna Hills show up fully-vaccinated for School at Signal Hill Comprehensive School on Monday. Photo by David Reid

Secretary for the division Marslyn Melville-Jack said 800 students are waiting to get their second dose.In the release, Melville-Jack said after visiting the schools, she was pleased with each school’s preparation and the measures implemented to enforce covid19 protocols.Ten students and 17 teachers turned up for school at Bishop’s High. At Scarborough Secondary 66 students and nine teachers were present.The division reported 65 students and 50 teachers came out at the Signal Hill Secondary School.Mason Hall recorded 14 students and 34 teachers, Speyside had 14 students and 14 teachers, and Goodwood Secondary had 14 students and 29 teachers.

Bishop’s High School principal Cindy Ramnarine, right, ensures all protocols are followed at the school gate as vaccinated students from forms four, five and six entered the compound for classes on Monday.
Photo by David Reid

Roxborough recorded the second lowest turnout: 14 students and three teachers.Harmon School of SDA reported the lowest, with 12 students and 12 teachers.Melville-Jack could not be reached on Monday or Tuesday for a comment on the low student turnout.

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