$20,000 bail for driving without DP, insurance

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

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A driver who lied to the police about having a driving permit has been arrested, charged and granted bail of $20,000.

Arthur Alonzo Jeffers, 28, of Heliconia Drive, Hillside Gardens, Buen Intento, is to appear before a Princes Town magistrate on Friday to answer four charges arising out of that incident.

During a road traffic exercise on December 13, WPC Hosein saw a vehicle parked in a stand reserved for maxi-taxis. She noticed it remained there for a lengthy period without anyone getting in or out or any goods being loaded or offloaded.

When the driver returned some time later, Hosein told him he was illegally parked and asked for his insurance and driving permit.

Jeffers presented his insurance certificate but said he had left his DP at home.

Hosein volunteered to accompany Jeffers to his nearby home to retrieve it.

When they arrived at his home, after several minutes, Jeffers admitted he did not have a DP.

He was read his rights and taken to the Princes Town Municipal Police Station where he was charged for illegally parking in a maxi-taxi stand, failure to produce a DP, driving without a valid insurance certificate and driving without a DP ever being issued to him.

During Wednesday’s exercise, co-ordinated by ASP Guzman and supervised by acting Cpl Ali, two fixed-penalty notices were issued, and 20 stop-and-searches done.