2 women’s bodies found in Tobago apartment

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Shevonne Moffat was found dead in her Black Rock, Tobago apartment on Wednesday night. –

The decomposing bodies of the two women found dead inside an apartment in Moriah has taken Tobago’s homicide toll to a historic high.

The women were identified as 34-year-old Shevonne Moffat and 62-year-old Gemma Alexis. Their bodies were found in Moffat’s apartment in Bottom Road, Arnos Vale Road, Woodlands, Moriah.

Police told Newsday that around 6.20 pm on Wednesday, the owner of the apartment went to the Moriah Police Station and reported the discovery of the bodies. Police said both women were found on a bed, and there appeared to be no marks of violence. They were pronounced dead by the DMO, and their bodies were ordered removed to the Scarborough Hospital mortuary, where autopsies will done to determine the cause of their deaths.

When Newsday visited Moriah on Thursday, one neighbour said there was a stench in the community for two days.

“We got a stench on Tuesday – we thought of a dead animal but never for once did we think that it was a human, much less two. We didn’t see them all through Christmas, but we thought nothing of it because they would come and go usually.”

Another neighbour said she saw Moffat the day before Christmas Eve.

“I saw her, she came home from work, and we exchanged sentiments briefly.

“She was even telling me that she was looking forward to Christmas as she had planned on getting some much-needed rest so not seeing her over the Christmas holidays raised no red flags for me in all honesty.”

She added: “This news of the discovery really shock me – she was so pleasant, she never passed me straight.”

Moffat’s neighbours said they did not know Alexis.

At the Star Fish Hotel in Black Rock, where Moffat was employed as a waitress, her co-workers described her as a loving person. Her co-workers said they did not know Alexis.

“Shevonne would definitely be missed. She was in work the day before Christmas Eve, and it was definitely a good shift, everyone talked and had lots of fun while getting the job done.

“She even spoke of her sister visiting for Christmas and the kind of plans they had,” one co-worker said.

She said Shevonne was last seen at work on Christmas Eve, and though she was rostered to work on Christmas and Boxing Day, she never showed up.

“We called her both days, but we never got a response, the phone was just ringing out. By the time we tried again on Wednesday, it was going to voicemail, so I guess the battery was dead by that time.”

She recalled hearing Moffat, who was from Trinidad, talking about an incident a few years ago where her mother was shot dead one day before she was due in court in a matter involving the ownership of a property in Gasparillo.

Another co-worker said: “This one caught us off guard. She had no relatives here, so she depended on her friends for support all the time. Definitely not what I expected to hear about Moffat. Wow, what is life.”