2 men gunned down in Diego Martin

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

A woman displays the ID card of her relative Decklon Allert who was among two men shot to death on Thursday in Diego Martin. PHOTO BY GREGORY MCBURNIE – Gregory Mc Burnie

A Diego Martin woman is calling on the gunmen who killed two men including one of her relatives on Thursday night, to re-evaluate their lives. Her relative, Decklon Allert was shot to death two days after his son’s birthday and just weeks before the birth of second child.

Allert, 30, was among a group of men who were shot at while they were liming in Diego Martin.

Eyewitnesses said the group was liming in front a house at Andrew Drive when a car pulled up and three men exited.

The men began shooting indiscriminately at the group before jumping back into the car which sped off.

Allert was pronounced dead at the scene and another man identified up to press time only by his alias “Rope,” died later at hospital.

Four other men remain were also taken to hospital for treatment for multiple gunshot wounds. They medical condition was not known up to Friday evening.

Speaking with Newsday at the Forensic Science Centre in St James on Friday, the relative who asked not to be identified, said she could think of no motive behind Allert’s death.

“He was a normal person. He stayed in his shop. He liked to lime. He liked a little boat ride. And he liked to drink a little puncheon (rum).

“I was just asking myself this morning, what he do to deserve the way he was killed. It was very brutal, to be gunned down like that. I just want to know what he do to deserve that. Why? That’s all I need to know. Why?”

The woman said she is now feeling what countless other families in this country have felt on losing their loved ones to criminals.

“Dis hard. Only when it reach home, can you truly understand what others are going through. It reach home to me now so I know the feeling. Now I can tell other families (who have lost loved ones to criminals) ‘I know how you feel,’ and I sympathise with them.”

The relative had one question to the nation’s gunmen: “Do you really know what you’re fighting for? The kind of pain and suffering you are putting so many families through…what is all of that for?” She called for the criminals to re-evaluate their lives.

“Tears on this nation. Tears! Mothers, sisters, brothers, everybody. Grandparents, everybody. Just tears. I think they need to re-evaluate their lives and see that this not working, it is not making sense.”

Up to press time, no arrest had been made in the Diego Martin double murder.