15 youths participate in Driver’s Seat initiative

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

Several youths participate in a studio recording session arranged by NGO Forward Ever Foundation. – FEF

AS PART of an ongoing mentorship programme known as the Driver’s Seat initiative, spearheaded by NGO Forward Ever Foundation (FEF), 15 youths were given the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience in a studio session led by singer and songwriter Collis Duranty and two music producers.

The song was written for FEF by Duranty to inspire youths and will be used as the theme of the Driver Seat Initiative. The name of the song will be chosen via a social media competition.

The initiative is a mentorship programme similar to the Big Brother/Big Sister programme which allows adults at the pinnacle of their careers to mentor youths in film, theatre, music, app development, fashion, literary works and entrepreneurship.

It is aptly named because industry leaders will be interviewed in a car using small cameras mounted inside the vehicle. The video will then be edited and shown via social media platforms including YouTube.

A press release said that Christopher Din Chong, chairman of the foundation said he approached Duranty about a possible collaboration. Duranty, who is a storyteller, said he felt this project aligned with his vision.

“I am a proud father, and I want to build a legacy for my child. One of the ways I want to do so is by fostering kindness through humanity. I am also determined to inspire and support youths and I will continue to help nurture and pave a path for upcoming talent to follow.”

The main motivation behind the song, he stated, was to inspire young people and give them a message in the music, so some of the lyrics are: “Do they ever think about a future leading the youths astray, or what about the scared ones who don’t know how to pray. In a world that is ever changing, where tomorrow never comes, do they know what is right for you ain’t gonna be right for some.”

Duranty, who is also a mentor in the Driver Seat Initiative added, “I hope the song’s message is universal and will reach far and uplift and touch the hearts of many who may also want to sit in the driver’s seat one day.”

He said he supports a concept called infinite love and believes that anyone who hears this song will support the Driver’s Seat Initiative and let love continuously guide them.

He thanked producer Richard Gosine, owner of Golden Era Productions who produced the song.

According to Gosine, his objective was to produce a song “to encourage youths to look forward to a positive life in the future, even though there are many challenges.”