14 New prison officer recruits urged to stand against corruption Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The Barbados Prison Service has 14 new prison officer recruits who have been advised to the withstand the evil and ills that may confront them when they enter the service officially.

Comprising six women and eight men ages 21 years old to 43 years old, on their visit to Dunamis Outreach Ministries last Sunday, Pastor Carlos Brathwaite urged them to resist temptations and lean fully on God as they conduct their duties.

I realised the influence I have over a lot of people and I decided to make a change

He told the recruits:

“You’re going into the Prison Service and you’re going to meet all types of people who will seek to overwhelm you, but I want to declare to you, put on the whole armor of God. Put on the whole armor of God and stand.

“When the pressures come, when bribes come to you to do something against the rules, stand! When you’re threatened by the inmates, still stand! When things don’t look good for you, I say to you stand and having done all, still stand.”

The pastor prayed and spoke a work of declaration for the cohort of recruits saying their work environment “is not an easy place, but God has opened a door for them, and I declare for them now, listen to me, hold up your head and be confident, God has opened the door for you to work in the prison and no door that God has opened, no man can shut it.

“So I want you to, I’m declaring to you, walk through the door but walk through the door with God on your side. And God’s protection and I declare that his angels will encamp round about you and no harm will come to you, that you will make a change in this group [of inmates at HMP Dodds] because you have come here [to church] today. You will make a change in the prison and through you, the prisoners will be reconciled to God, and when they are released, they will be good, corporate citizens because of the example and witness you have set to them.”

Speaking to Loop News, one recruit, Reneire Mascoll, who is age 30, said, he signed up for the course, “because I realised the influence I have over a lot of people and I decided to make a change.”

The Class of January 2023 were in training for about 12 weeks.

The group of 16 was accompanied by four instructors – two men and two women.