12 murders between Holy Thursday and Easter Monday – DEADLY WEEKEND

The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

CRIME SCENE: Police at the crime scene after Junior Chase was shot dead on Good Friday in San Fernando. He was one of 12 people murdered between last Thursday and Monday. PHOTO BY AYANNA KINSALE –

THE just concluded Easter holiday weekend was a busy one for both police and undertakers, who between Holy Thursday and Easter Monday, had to deal with at least 12 murders, a drowning and a fatal accident.

Of the murders, one was a domestic violence-related case in which a man shot dead his wife and then turned the gun on himself.

This latest murder spree, saw the year’s toll rush from 139 to 151. Road fatalities stood at 32 up to Monday.


The latest murders, up to press time, was a double-homicide in Enterprise, Chaguanas on Monday afternoon. Police said gunshots were heard in Chrissie Terrace and moments later, two men were seen dead.

Police on Monday night, were still trying to identify one of the men while the other was identified as Akeem James, 26.

Sources said at about 4.30 pm, gunmen opened fire on a group of people liming at the Chrissie Terrace Recreational Grounds in Enterprise, Chaguanas, killing James and the unidentified man and wounding another man.


Sunday saw no murders in the country but one drowning and an accident.

Naveen Kaloo, 42, from Claxton Bay is said to have drowned in Tyrico Bay where he had gone with friends and family to lime. Eyewitnesses said he was fished out of the water after he got into difficulties and despite an attempt to revive him, Kaloo was pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

In the fatal accident, police detained a motorist who attempted to flee the accident in Cumuto. Newsday understands the driver was involved in two road accidents, with the second resulting in the death of an unidentified woman.

At about 7.18 am, the driver of a blue Subaru car was proceeding west on the Southern Main Road in Cumuto when on nearing Esmeralda Junction, the car collided with another vehicle.

Instead of stopping, the other car drove off after the collision with the Subaru, but crashed head-on into a silver Hyundai Trajet hatchback, which contained two elderly people. One of them, a woman, died at the scene of the crash.


On Saturday night, construction worker Eber Scrubb, 30, was shot dead at about 9 pm on Charles Street, Cantaro Village in Santa Cruz. He was returning home from a football game.

Hours earlier, shortly after noon, taxi driver Mark Lewis of Upper Calvary Branch Road, Arima, picked up three men while plying his car for hire. Police said when they arrived on the By Pass Road, the three occupants attempted to hijack the vehicle.

It is believed a struggle ensued and Lewis was shot dead. The car crashed on the By Pass Road and the killers escaped.

On Saturday morning, security guard Sean Darsoo of Fairfield, Princes Town was found dead on the compound of the Water and Oil Well Services Ltd on Maryat Street, San Fernando. Police believe he was battered to death.

Then at 9 am, Kester “Congo” Williams was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head. He was on a couch in the living room of his Edinburgh 500 home. Also in the house, dead of two gunshot wounds, was Williams’ wife Sharsa David. Police said they believe this to be a case of murder-suicide.


At about 8.20 pm, Renwick Quesnell and a woman whose identity was not given, were both killed in Kelly Village.

Police said masked men stormed Quesnell’s Azeez Lane house and tied him and the woman up. Quesnell and the woman were then killed.

At about 4.30 am, 35-year-old Junior Chase was shot dead while trying to play peacemaker in an altercation between his girlfriend and someone known to her, at the corner of Lawrence and Cipero Streets in San Fernando.

Chase and his girlfriend Crystal Moore were buying food when they were approached by a man who knew Moore. An altercation broke out and Chase was shot in the head and died at the scene.


On Thursday at about 7.35 pm, Josiah Maloney, 19, was shot dead while preparing food in the kitchen of his Demerara Road, Arima home. He was one of three people killed that night.

The other victims were identified as Junior Rivers, 45, who was shot dead while liming with friends at a house on Circular Drive, Peytonville, Arima, and Sean Francis who was found stabbed to death.