Connecticut Senate Passes Bill to Allow Medical Marijuana


Posted: May 5, 2012 It would appear that the number of states in which you can get your smoke on for medical issues is rising, with a late-night bill passed in Connecticut allowing for the limited use of medical marijuana. The passage of the bill in Connecticut’s senate was preceded by a lengthy debate, stretching out over 10 hours, before votes were finally counted at 2:35 AM. (Which, incidentally, is a great time to spark up, Connecticut!) According to the Hartford Courant, Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy “hailed” the bill, and promised to sign it when the legislation reached his desk. The paper quotes the Democratic governor’s statement, released after the…

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Egypt Army Says 300 People Held Over Defense Ministry Clashes

CAIRO—Military prosecutors ordered the detention of 300 protesters on accusations of attacking troops and disrupting public order during violent clashes outside Egypt’s Defense Ministry, a prosecution official said Saturday. The Friday clashes were some of the worst near the headquarters of the country’s ruling generals, and come just three weeks […]